[page_description]International Customs Consulting was formed to meet the increasing legal demands of the U.S. and Global Importing Community. Under the 1993 Customs Modernization Act, the burden of complying with all U.S. Customs Laws & Regulations rests solely upon the Importer irrespective of the use of a Licensed Customs Broker.[/page_description]

Randi Waltuck Barnett | Founder & CEO

(Ms) Randi Waltuck Barnett has over ten years of experience in international trade matters. She has commented extensively to various global and domestic trade policy initiatives, such as the accession of China into the World Trade Organization, the Information Technology Agreement (a trade initiative of the W.T.O.), and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s initiative on “Made in U.S.A.” labeling.

Prior to starting her own consulting business, Ms. Waltuck Barnett was responsible for the adherence to customs laws and regulations in over 15 countries worldwide, including the development and delivery of Customs Training Materials, the issuance of a comprehensive Customs Compliance Manual, the customization and documentation of various business controls to ensure adherence to governing laws and regulations, and the development and administration of a multitude of policies and procedures. Randi also has over five years of experience in export sales, marketing, and international freight forwarding, and is therefore well poised to advise on all aspects of the international transaction.

Ms. Barnett holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (cum laude), from Boston University, a Master’s Degree in Finance, from Florida Atlantic University, successfully completed her first year Legal studies at Duquesne University School of Law in pursuit of JD and holds a U S Customs Broker License, License #28927. She is fluent in Spanish and French, and has represented Industry to the Customs Services of such countries as the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the People’s Republic of China on matters such as Classification, Valuation, Country of Origin labeling, NAFTA , self-governance, and the implementation of complete customs compliance programs, among other matters.

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