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Global Trade – The Devil is in the Details.
Let us help you navigate these waters. Avoid costly errors; Find bottom-line savings.

Trade Agreement Review, Implementation & Certification

End-to-End Global Supply Chain Analyses to identify various cost take-outs under the hundreds of regional trade preference programs, including but not limited to:

-Many Others

Valuation for Trade Purposes

Identification of lawful values for all your cross-border transactions, regardless of basis of appraisement. Risk mitigation and cost containment.

-Transaction Value
-Other than Transaction Value
-Prior Disclosures
-First Sale

Compliance Programs

Internally identify and close any gaps ahead of any government audits; mitigate fines & penalties.

-Internal Audits
-Broker/Agent Management
-Documented Policies, Procedures
-Internal Controls


Risk mitigation under the US Customs Modernization Act (“Mod Act”) to assure accurate trade classifications, including required documentary evidence.

-Most Favorable
-Binding Ruling Submissions
-Tariff Engineering

Import-Export Training

Meet your legal obligation and show you have exercised ‘reasonable care’ with our standard or customized training solutions.

-Landed Cost of Goods
-Valuation Issues
-Quantity Variances
-Classification of Imports & Exports
-Origin Determination & Labeling

Duty Drawback

Found money – right to the bottom line: import-export analyses to determine your refunds now.

-Reclaim Duties Paid on
Subsequently Exported Goods


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