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Ms Randi Waltuck was my ex-colleague in Honeywell, while I was taking care of export business at Honeywell (GuangZhou) Friction Materials Co., Ltd.

We worked together for 1 Chrysler business, which transferred from US to China, Ms Randi Waltuck supported us greatly with her professional technology of custom law, avoided punishment for lacking of this kind knowledge.

Besides, Ms Randi Waltuck is a kind and humorous friend, we all like her a lot.”

Mircea Nistor | Customs & Compliance Leader

“As I’ve been working with Ms. Randi W in the past at an automotive industry supplier, I can sustain that the way Ms. Randy drove the trade compliance policy, the way of standardizing between SBU are still impressing yet, after years since left company.

Ms. Randi’s implemented policies & directions to be followed, will be hard to be improved, except by actualizations and Mr. Randi’s hard work is still been appreciated and is continuing to save millions of dollars for company.

Mr. Randi’s contribution into the trade compliance domain is far more well known and spread beyond than just the former company.

Some of our bigger customers has introduced and followed Ms. Randi’s trade compliance policies & rules.

As a manager, about Ms. Randi I can only say that few companies acting in trade compliance field, can affirm that had or have more productive, managerial approaches for company’s interest with impressive results, than Ms. Randi.”

Ruth Rodriguez | Partner

“I had known Randi Waltuck for many years before she attended The Best Customs Broker Exam Course Boot Camp. I was not surprised by how knowledgeable she was and how prepared she was at the Boot Camp. I knew she had many years of experience, and an excellent knowledge base. She was able to not just state the rules, but find legal authority to support the rules. Of course, she passed the exam on her first try. She is also a very positive, friendly, outgoing person, and people seem to really connect with her wherever she goes. I recommend her highly for any compliance position that you may have.”

Elyse Ericsson

“I’ve know Ms Waltuck Barnett for 3 years and have relied on her knowledge and judgment with respect various global trade matters, including but not limited to the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”). When acting in the capacity of Director of International Training at the Dallas International Trade Center, Small Business Development Center at the Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas) International Small Business Development Corp., Randi was a well-received and highly respected speaker at several of our training programs. I would recommend her and her work to anyone in need of trade compliance and strategic consulting.”

Blair Milster | Licensed Customs Broker

“Ms. Randi Waltuck is an excellent resource for global trade knowledge and experience.

On several occasions in recent years, she has provided valuable insights and guidance in the global trade arena. Topics have ranged from the technical details of international trade to managing effective internal controls.

Where we have disagreed, she was diplomatic and provided regulatory basis for why she took the position she did. When I had questions outside of her experience, she provided workable methods for learning the answers needed to solve the problem.

I recommend Randi Waltuck’s work and judgment.”

Bob Auray | Vice-Chairman, Reverse Logistics and Remarketing, Genco ATC

“Ms Waltuck has proven to be highly knowledgeable about all relevant customs laws and regulations. Not only does she know the regulations, she has an in-depth knowledge, and creative problem-solving ability in applying to complex business landscapes to mitigate risks and maximize bottom-line savings. I would recommend her for any trade compliance matters, large or small.”

“Expert Consultant, Private Equity, Trade Partner Investments”


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