Accused prostitute murderer to appear in court on murder charge

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Accused prostitute murderer to appear in court on murder charge

A former Florida escort is facing murder charges after killing a 40-year-old masseuse after forcing her to perform sexual acts, authorities said.

Jennifer Groom is charged with first-degree murder for the June 2015 stabbing death of Rachelle Brackens, according to a statement released Monday.

Police said Brackens, a masseuse at the Coral Springs resort, worked as a member of바카라 the Alluring Angels, a massage parlor specializing in “female beauty and sexual encounters.”

Brackens was scheduled to perform sex acts on five clients in an upscale spa hotel room. According to an attorney for Brackens’ family, the masseuse was the most trusted and talented in the resort and wanted to give sex and sensual massage to every client who came for the d더킹카지노ay.

“She was a dedicated and caring woman that was very popular in the area,” said attorney Kevin Coyle. “She was someone that everyone wanted to be friends with.”

Coyle said Brackens was a victim of “extremely dangerous sexual acts” and had never been sexually assaulted before. She also hadn’t used drugs and wasn’t known to travel wi더킹카지노th a client, authorities said.

Police said the 40-year-old woman died after being stabbed multiple times.

Coyle said he plans to ask prosecutors to investigate whether the escort performed forced-prostitution work, similar to prostitution or forced-sex work in that she had the client sign on for the sex acts.

“She doesn’t know them,” Coyle said. “She’s obviously nervous about what she’s going to do. But she’s also very willing to help anybody and help anybody.”

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Brackens had just begun working as a massage therapist at the resort before she was confronted about her profession in a phone call from her friend, a massage parlor owner.

Investigators said Groom, 27, showed up at the hotel wearing a black ski mask that covered only one eye and a towel on her head, and was confronted by a detective working for the state attorney’s office in Broward County, where she’d been fired earlier.

Prosecutors said Groom, who was previously arrested and previously charged in connection with a domestic violence-related domestic battery, told police a man attacked her at the resort three years ago, but that no witnesses would come forward because they were afraid.

Prosecutors alleged that Groom then forced B


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